Our Story

Inspired by the true beauty of classic cars, designed to protect your passion, Lant Insurance Brokers1 has emerged as the first choice for any classic car enthusiast in Ontario looking to insure their collector vehicle.

Founded by Tony Lant in 1978, and now home to over 50,000 collector cars, we surround collector car enthusiasts with all their insurance needs while providing classic customer service. Our staff’s industry leading knowledge of collector vehicles and collector car hobbyists is what separates us from other brokerages.

Classic cars and the hobby remain central to our brand DNA, that’s why we’re the largest Ontario collector car broker offering Hagerty Classic Car Insurance2. We’re always looking for new ways to provide you better service, that’s why we now protect more than just your passion with daily driver auto and home insurance coverage.

From the first policy written nearly four decades ago, protecting your passion has and will always remain the core of what we do.

We believe in more than just protecting your passion by supporting the collector car hobby and future of classic cars through a number of non-profit and classic car affinity programs, including local and national car clubs. It’s in everything we do.


1 Lant Insurance Brokers (A Division of Wayfarer Insurance Brokers Limited), Scottish & York Insurance Co. Limited, and Elite Insurance Company are wholly owned subsidiaries of Aviva Canada Inc.

2 Hagerty Classic Car Insurance program is underwritten by Elite Insurance Company.